David McDevitt Welcomes You

David McDevitt (Democrat) 2018 – “Putting People First”


There is a brave person I would like you to meet:

Lindsey has a story many people are familiar with. She looks for work daily because her wages from Walmart and the restaurant her husband cooks for are too low.

Lindsey’s family qualifies for food stamps and Medicaid.  Benefits cuts are causing great concern for Lindsey.  “I just want my four kids to grow up healthy,” she says “I wish they could have better food, more books, and see our family is making it, but we’re not there.”

The United States is a country of unprecedented wealth, knowledge, and technology. Why is access to quality healthcare, quality education, a clean environment, and good jobs so unequal? And how do we change this for the better?



The people of our communities have the power to cause this change. By standing united in support of each other, we will put people first!

Putting people first looks like so many things in everyday life. Examples include picking your sister’s kids up from school, making purchases through local businesses, and choosing a Congress whose focus is making the system work for ALL people.

Voting is necessary because it always creates an opportunity to make the system work for all people. The rich and powerful often vote in favor of their own system. However, everyday people have strength in numbers. When we all vote we win.

David McDevitt’s message is that each person holds real political power and we must all take part together to create positive change. Let’s stand united in 2018 for a system that puts people first!