MLK Day 2018

On this MLK Day 2018, it is important to remember that we must stand in solidarity with the sentiment of Martin Luther King Jr. every day of the year.
In his “I have a dream” speech, and his life’s work, Dr. King called for an end to racism and the achievement of civil and economic rights.
Though some measures of social integration have been achieved, we have so much more to improve. People of all cultural backgrounds must have not only the opportunity but the right to living wages, quality healthcare, education, housing, safety net benefits, transportation, a clean environment, and personal safety.
We must each demand these things for all people, in the spirit of Dr. King. His dedication to the defense of poor people everywhere is a model for how we must build an economy for the 99% today.
Please join me in Putting People First because achieving equity and justice for all is absolutely needed to end the era of bigotry and fear mongering!

P.s. This is a lesser-known speech of MLK that is relevant now and very important. I wanted to share it with you today in hope that you have the opportunity to listen and are inspired by the shared fight for social justice: