After talking to David, I believe that he is genuine & positive in his passion to be a change for our Washingtonians. He desires to have our people do better in their livelihood and our people need that in a leader! (Carmen M)
David and I grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools. Great person to his long time friends and a perfect candidate for Congress as a representative from southern Washington State and Clark county. (Kerry A)
David is hard working, honest and whip-smart. He will make a great Congressman. (David T)
David is one of the good guys. He believes in fighting for the quality of life for all people by assuring they have access to healthcare, education and opportunity to earn a fair living. David is a new breed of politician- one I trust. (David C)
David is the kind of smart, community oriented public servant that we need to lead our government. I am grateful he has stepped up. (Sharon W)
I am endorsing David McDevitt for Congress because, as a progressive, I believe that he will fight for the changes necessary to make our country great for everyone, not just those with money and power. (Alona S)
I have known David McDevitt since 2010, a short while after his completion of law school. David has exhibited to me great knowledge of government. He is aware of the importance of all voices to be heard and represented equally. I would be honored to be one of his constituents because I know he would be acting on behalf of all of us protecting our investment in Social Security, providing health care, making education more accessible, and restoring a better opinion of the United Staes in foreign affairs. I am convinced that a vote for David McDevitt will go a long way in his congressional district. (Art S)
I have worked with David on many community projects when we lived near each other. We focused on start-ups and entrepreneurs and David was a tireless advocate for small & medium sized businesses and getting the resources in place to make them thrive. (Kristen K)
In difficult circumstances a man reveals his attitude, David is a very good fellow and I endorse him in full. (Fortunato T)
I’ve known Dave for several years now. He is knowledgeable, committed to public service, and a natural consensus builder. We need people like Dave to lead the conversation around good governance and compassionate policy. (Pam A)
David is a dedicated person with a strong work ethic and a determination to overcome obstacles that I have seen in few others. (Glenn David D)
David is a very respectable man who truly stands with the people, and I stand with him. (Vaughn H)
Thank you Mr. McDevitt, we need someone to replace our current representative, who has done nothing, and is not willing to support the people of this great state. (James M)
I support David and his fight to protect our environment. (Katherine H)
Dave is smart, compassionate, and dedicated. (Melinda H)
David supports the things that bring Vancouver together like a safe clean environment for future generations to enjoy. (Tim R)
David represents the future, with a commitment to progressive values and democratic principles.
Having known David most of his life, I have watched him develop into a well rounded, smart, purposeful , courageous, caring man. He has the skills and temperament to be a force for good. Congress needs people like him.
He is good for what ails us! (Roben W)
He is a qualified responsible candidate for congress I SUPPORT HIS ENDOSEMENT (Domingo A)
We need more people in Congress who support working families and care about the world we are leaving future generations. David McDevitt is a champion for People and small businesses. (Jonnel C)
I’ve heard him speak and like his message. Please help get him elected to replace JBH. (Gloria S)
It was a pleasure meeting David at Esther Short Park. Support the cause 100%. Can’t wait to see in the Congress fighting for me. (Shora H)
It is time that the people of the 3rd CD have a Representative that is not in lock step with the corruption and gridlock that the Republican Party as imposed on the United States for the past 8 years. David McDevitt is our opportunity to do that. (David B)
Representation by J.H-R has been so very depressing. Will be glad to help McDevitt replace her! (Linda R)
We need someone that is for everybody, not just those at the top. Changes need time be made. Our current elected officials just don’t get that they are supposed represent us, the people. We have to start here at home. Out with the old in with one that wants to represent the people that voted for him. Vote for David so we have another voice in place that can help make positive changes! (Joe M)
I’ve known David for years, since we were both in law school. I know his focus: he has always gravitated towards fighting for the small people, those in need of representation when the stakes are high. He will do a great job in Congress and we, the small people, will be better served by having him to watch over us. (Alejandro G)
Have met and spoken with him, and he is definitely the kind of people we need in Washington DC to push forward an agenda of, by, and for the people. (Emily G)
Southwest Washington deserves a Congressperson who will actually interface with people at home and represent their interests in D.C. David is a committed progressive Democrat who will work tirelessly for all peoples’ rights and well-being, acting beyond the bidding of corporate sponsors and out-of-state PACs that have filled his opponent’s campaign coffers. (Benjamin H)
I am a senior, a veteran, and a progressive, and I support David McDevitt for congress in the 3rd district. (James D)
As progressives, we’re working toward changing the political environment so we can improve the lives of the 99%. We’re working to get Bernie Sanders elected president, but to get the difficult work accomplished, we need to elect congress people and senators who will work with him and help us achieve our goals. DAVID McDEVITT will stand with us as we forge ahead. Let’s get him elected! (Karen J)
I support David McDevitt for Congress because he knows we do not have much time left to begin to solve climate change. (Bill S)
David has the experience and the moral fiber to make the right decisions for us in the House. (Blase S)
It is time for a change for someone who cares for the voters who elect our Representatives. (Candis H)
He will advocate for jobs in the green energy economy. (Don S)
I’ve known David since 1988 when I lived in his home. He’s a quality guy from start to finish, which would be apparent even if we weren’t friends. Elect this guy! (Gary K)
David and I and six others spent two weeks touring Egypt about four years ago. I found him to be intelligent, well-informed and easy to get along with. (Len P)
David is a man who will do what he says and is incorruptible. We need more men like David who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to lead our wonderful state of Washington, especially in this trying time our country is faced with. (Luke K)
It’s time to replace our do-nothing congresswoman with someone who will be a true public servant, participate in congress and listen to all the people of the 3rd Congressional District with real town halls! (Richard R)
I have known David for over 45 years and can attest to his commitment and passion in helping better our community. (Alex S)
I think Mr. McDevitt has some very key issues that he supports. I think David McDevitt deserves a fair chance. (Angie H)
I know David personally and consider him to be the type of person any district would want to represent them – he evaluates policies (Barry S)
I know David for several years now. We have been through several organizational meetings. I can say that he made good judgment. He made a promise to go to Law School. Today, he is running for congress at the State of Washington. I believe he will be true to his campaign promises. (Bennett F)
I am completely impressed by your helpful interest in the disenfranchised. (Beverly M)
He would make an excellent congressman. (Carol M)
I have known David since grade school, and this man has been a loyal friend and is one of the most honest and hard working people I know. He has always been on the side of social justice, and goes out of his way to help the people he knows. Now it is your turn to get to know this man and trust he will be in your corner as he has been for me. Trust his Honesty! (Casey F)
I have known David for a long time. In addition to going to law school together, I have seen him overcome tremendous obstacles – ending up as a more determined servant of the people. He will represent the interest of all sectors, elect David McDevitt to Congress! (Cheryl F)
David strives to give everyone equal opportunity in his personal life and his service – I fully believe he would do the same for the constituents of the 3rd CD. (Conor B)
I’ve known David for 8 years now and has not changed ever since, a friendly, approachable, down to earth person who is willing to help out. He was not a lawyer back then and I was very happy with all his accomplishments and very please that he never forget who you are. Mr. David McDevitt thank you and I know you will be good in whatever you do because your intentions are good. (Dante S)
Trustworthy, open minded, firm, fair & diplomatic (David U)
David is a very concerned about protecting the environment for future generations. (David F)
David is a highly motivated and enthusiastic supporter of progressive values that will help keep our county and our country running smoothly through the political challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. (David S)
David is someone who will stand strong for us Progressives. I endorse him whole-heartedly!!!!! (Deborah S)
Mr. McDevitt is a Bernie-thinking candidate. More people in office with these values makes a political revolution possible in which millions of Americans take back the Congress and the Senate to save our middle class. (Debra Hope A)
I have known David for over 10 years; he is a solid progressive and cares about people. (Diane J)
Hello, I met David when we worked together at ATT. Acting out of personal commitment and concern for people living with HIV/AIDS David put together a team of volunteer riders and crew doing the California AIDS rides. While a diverse group we united each year raising money for and awareness of the ride. Later after many annual rides, an injury left David unable to complete the nearly 600 mile ride. Still we’d see him each year at the start contributing all he can. (Dita R)
David is a passionate supporter of progressive democratic values and I believe he would make an excellent congressman. He is an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and I know he would be a great help in getting his agenda passed into law. (Gary T)
David McDevitt will work for Democratic principles! (Gene M)
David has been as straight forward a political candidate as I have ever met. He clearly states his positions on any subject and is unequivocal about it. (Hector H)
I have met David McDevitt and believe him to be an honest caring person. I think he has the education to be an asset to the Progressive Democratic Party. (Janice H)
David McDevitt has the strong commitment to social equity and justice that is needed in this country. (Jay A)
I have known David McDevitt for 33 years, professionally, personally, and as a trusted friend. (Jeannot R)
After we get through the caucus process, I will work on your campaign. We need progressives in Congress. Thanks for stepping up! (Jim M)
David knows the best way to serve the people, is with a full commitment to the success of the whole living community, part of his commitment to supporting the true value of our local community. (Jimmy T)
I have known Mr. McDevitt for many years. He embodies the Desire and the Goal to be the best in any position he so chooses. As he looks for a position in the House, I have seen him look at the things that are needed in his State, none of them are easy tasks but he has not shied away from them all the same. This is a Man of the People, for the People and I would VOTE for him. (John S)
Good guy, Knows his stuff 🙂 (John L)
David McDevitt is the much needed change that’s Congress currently lacks. His values, ideas, and concerns represent what this great country needs. He stands for the common person. The divisions in government may be great, but McDevitt’s voice needs to be heard. Please join me in supporting David McDevitt for the 3rd Congressional District. (Joseph M)
I’ve known David since our NorthPoint Comm. days… 1998-2000. He was honest, sincere, and a problem solver in the performance of his job and as I later discovered … in his life… I was drawn to him because of that and I enjoyed our interactions. It is my pleasure to endorse him and I wish I lived in his district. (Julia K)
David will be a fine congressman. (Kalpana J)
Having known David McDevitt for many years, I know him to be forthright, honest and hard working. He will be a tremendous asset in Congress working for the good of ALL people and helping to stabilize our government. He truly listens to people and knows how to get things done!!! (Kate D)
Knowing David McDevitt will make a fine congressman, I endorse him. (Kathy P)
David will take the job seriously and get the work done. (Kelly M)
David seems to espouse the views and morals I find lacking in most of our congressional representatives. (Kerry M)
David is a true progressive who will fight for fairness and justice with HEART. (Kerry G)
David McDevitt’s experience runs both wide and deep, and I truly believe he has the will, the grit, and the silver tongue necessary to deliver results for hard-working Americans amid the partisan stalemate in today’s Congress. (Kevin D)
I will support anyone who has the ideals of Bernie Sanders. We will fight for our country and our Democracy. (Lauren J)
We need REAL progressives both locally and in Washington. (Lisa C)
An honest, smart, hard-working guy who also has a sense of duty, I have known David since high school. I’ll back him in any race! (Lorraine C)
I’m sure David would be a powerful source of much needed good change if elected! I wish I was in a district where I could vote for David – I know he will do a great job when elected. He has integrity, commitment, passion and intelligence. (Lydia S)
David is the candidate who will really represent the 3rd Congressional District and will actually be present both here and in DC. (Melissa B)
I am endorsing David McDevitt for the 3rd Congressional District because he is a driven individual wanting to bring about some major progressive changes and reforms, and because he has the stubbornness and vision to persevere and actually get things done. Being an attorney and self-supporting business man provides him with the skills to understand legal and monetary issues that are a quagmire preventing needed reform in our political systems. David eschews special interests and is one of us with the intent to get on the inside and make things better. (Michael P)
As an IT Professional, I recognize the importance of having a Congressional Representative who knows the difference between a “big truck” and “tubes” when deciding on technological matters. I take a keen interest in media consolidation, those advocating against corporate control of the Internet and online free speech initiatives. Having a Representative who can make knowledgeable judgments on such legislation is critical. (Adrian H)
David makes sense on a broad list of issues. He promises a frequent dialog with all constituents in the 3rd Congressional District which is a welcome departure from our present representation. His support of transportation proposals and stance on social diversity issues are particularly interesting. He will definitely work with ALL members of Congress to achieve progressive goals. A welcome opportunity for good representation at last. (David B)
David is a someone who has the ideals and passion to begin the hard work of repurposing our government from being a purveyor of favors to special interests to a government that works to promote our welfare. (Merridy M)
He’s the type of real human we need in congress. (Michael H)
Integrity and great intentions! (Miguel P)
We need someone in our Congress who represents all of the people in our 3rd Congressional District and who will actually listen to all of the people. David McDevitt is such a person and this is why I endorse him. (Mike B)
I have been following David McDevitt for a while now, and like what his stances are on the issues. Wish I lived in his district so I could vote for him! (Molly B)
David is a man of his word. (Ndubuisi C)
I wish I lived in Washington just so I could vote for David McDevitt. I’ve known him for three years and know him to be honest, fair, and a real progressive. He will support and represent the people of Washington. (Patricia M)
David is not your average politician. Not only does he understand the problems that we face in today’s political arena, but listens to the people that care, and is passionate about his beliefs. Vote McDevitt for Congress, for sure. (Paul L)
I have known David since our first semester of law school. I admire and respect his intelligence, insight, and critical thinking. David comes from a long line of social justice advocates, and that spirit is alive and well in him. I believe David will be a fair and impartial member of Congress, and I support his candidacy. (Peggy B)
Mr. McDevitt came to speak at our Democratic Forum. I was surprised and heartened by not only his breadth of knowledge on the challenges we face in Southwest Washington, but on his clear ideas on how to take action on those challenges. He also gave answers to questions asked…didn’t sidestep one bit, but said how he honestly felt. I appreciated that. So many politicians are timid nowadays. I endorse him wholeheartedly.  (Penny S)
We need a progressive Democrat in our Congressional District. David is that person. (Pete H)
Intelligent, energetic, a veteran, and committed to the interests of the people, not the 1%! (Rashid P)
David McDevitt will bring balance and reason to Congress as my representative, as your representative in a manner we are unaccustomed to. A manner which shall restore prosperity to Main Street and call Wall Street to heel, to the service the people, not the other way round. David McDevitt will restore honor and integrity to Congress and serve with dignity and respect as the peoples’ representative. (Richard M)
I’ve known David for years. He has always been active in the community, and has shown a commitment to social justice, education, fairness and accountability. He would be a great addition to the Congressional delegation and would serve with great integrity and respect. (Richard O)
I have known David for 10 years as a neighbor and friend. His commitment to serving his community, his honesty and his ability to work through issues to constructive solutions will make him a great congressman. (Robert S)
David will be a much needed addition to Congress, because of his commitment to fixing the challenges we face. (Sandy W)
This is a man for the people, for equal treatment and fairness. Let’s vote him in to make a difference! (Scott D)
We need more progressives in office. (Sherry D)
Know him from high school. A good guy! (Terese L)
David is a kind and honest caring man. He would make a wonderful congressman. (Teri T)
David would make a good Representative as he is on top of the issues and he cares very much for his acquaintances. (Thomas W)
I 100% endorse David McDevitt for Congress. I met David in law school and immediately learned that he was a passionate person regarding issues about which he cared. I know, if he is elected, he will be a great addition to Congress. David McDevitt for Congress! (Tonya S)
A great canidate who will win and get the job done with dedication and compassion!! (Xavier C)