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We all want real and full-time representation for the 3rd Congressional District of Washington State!

David is a US Army Veteran and holds both an MBA and JD, including a license to practice law.

Together, we must fight for economic fairness, including taxation, housing, wages, veteran’s assistance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

We are reaching out to regular folk including seniors, union workers, blue-collar workers, low-wage workers, managers, middle-mangers, and renters because it is you that we want to serve and help most.

We are asking you to consider a recurring monthly contribution.  Would you be able to contribute $10 each month thru November 2018? Or consider $15 each month? $20 each month?

Monthly, a $5 contribution is equivalent to a LATTE, $10 to a LUNCH, and $20 to a DINNER with a glass of wine!

Let’s change Congress and take our Democracy back!!!

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