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Problem of Uninsured

Planned Parenthood Protest against being uninsured
Planned Parenthood Protest

In 2010 , there were about 50 million uninsured Americans because healthcare insurance and drugs cost too much.  Though the number of uninsured has decreased due, in part, to the Affordable Care Act, 28 million people in the wealthiest country in the world are still uninsured because of flaws in the law.  Most noteworthy, even with employer-provided insurance, many families have challenges because they have  annual out-of-pocket deductibles of more than $5,000.

Protect the Uninsured

First of all, a single-payer health plan would guarantee coverage because every person deserves healthcare.  Moreover, the system would be designed for coverage by a single fund. Furthermore, no one would have to buy private health insurance. Moreover, there would be no penalty for failing to acquire insurance. Therefore, families would not be impaired by healthcare debt and treatment would not be based on the ability to can pay.  Finally, Healthcare insurers and pharmaceutical companies  profit from the poorest and sickest in our nation; it is immoral.  In conclusion, Healthcare is a human right.

Increased Healthcare Spending

During 2016, healthcare spending reached $3.3 trillion. So, spending was equal to $10,348 per person.  Thus, private companies, the government, and, of course, everyday Americans, were pouring buckets of money into a system that could be much simpler, much more affordable and effective.  Hence, Americans deserve better.

Healthcare Petition

By providing the information below, I urge Congress to support the restructuring of United States healthcare into a single-payer system because every person deserves the right to quality health coverage.

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