EVICTED by Mathew Desmond

I’m currently reading this book and though it is following eight families in Milwaukee, the issues it identifies are applicable everywhere.

Here is a brief excerpt from the prologue:

These days, there are sheriff squads whose full-time job is to carry out eviction and foreclosure orders. There are moving companies that specialize in evictions, their crews working all day, every day. …

Families have watched their incomes stagnate, or even fall, while their housing costs have soared. Today the majority of poor renting families in America spend over half of their income on housing, and at least one in four dedicates over 70 percent to paying the rent and keeping the lights on. Millions of Americans are evicted every year because they can’t make rent. … If you count all forms of involuntary displacement – formal and informal, (with cause and without cause) evictions, landlord foreclosures, building condemnations, …

The evictions take place throughout the city, embroiling not only landlords and tenants but also kin and friends, lovers and ex-lovers, judges and lawyers, dope suppliers and church elders. Eviction’s fallout is severe. Losing a home sends families to shelters, abandoned houses, and the street. It invites depression and illness, compels families to move into degrading housing in dangerous neighborhoods, uproots communities, and harms children. …

Do you know about the POVERTY INDUSTRY?

Just reading the POVERTY INDUSTRY by Daniel L. Hatcher is enlightening!

But not so much in a good way because it identifies several areas of our government and society that take severe advantage of people in the middle class, children, and living in poverty.

Here are some examples:
1) States submitting claims to the Federal government for Medicare/Medicaid matching fund but using illusory match dollars and diverting the claims funds into general expense funds.
2) Foster Care Agencies and departments, with the assistance of Revenue Maximization Consultants, making claims for Social Security Benefits or VA Dependent Benefits on behalf of children, but keeping the funds received by the Agency or State and NOT for the benefit of the child.
3) Courts levying heavy fines, especially where child support payments are not being paid timely, and then turning the fine collection over to private collection firms, where penalties and fees are added; The private collection agencies then create a pressure on the payor, causing a dilemma for the payor to either pay the fines or the child support: Ultimately, reducing the possibility of reunification of the family and ultimately harming the payor (with debt prison), the family, and especially the children.

McDevitt For Congress Survey

As many of you know, I am running for US Congress (House of Representatives) WA-03 in 2018.

We want to start our campaign by conducting the first of many (likely) surveys.

We want to hear from YOU!!! Would you help? It should take about 5-10 minutes maximum.


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UPDATED 3rd Congressionall District Election Statistics

The incumbent garnered 56.1% in 2010 (adjusted for district change), 60.4% in 2012, 61.5% in 2014, and 61.8% in 2016…
There were 358629 people registered in 2010 (adjusted), 389550 in 2012, 394536 in 2014, and 420886 in 2016…
Of those, 241405 voted in 2010, 293884 in 2012, 202818 in 2014, and 313277 in 2016…
Percent Turnout was 67.31% in 2010, 75.44% in 2012, 51.41% in 2014, and 74.43% in 2016.
For 2010, JHB raised $1.557M; 2012 $1.658M; 2014 $1.744M, and as of 11/28 for 2016 $1.397M.

From the November Meeting Minutes of the Regional TransportationCommission

David McDevitt of Vancouver said he strongly advocates between Oregon and Washington a joint powers authority. He said he supports the efforts of Mr. Barnes and Mr. Schaefer, saying
we need the labor and jobs here, but we also need to consider the fact that our transportation needs are significantly greater than just the I-5 Bridge. He said rebuilding the bridge will only put the funnel further south into Oregon; the issue is the number of vehicles on the road. Mr. McDevitt said they need to consider solutions that can encourage people to leave their vehicles in Clark County and consider some of the needs in Oregon particularly in Troutdale and Gresham. He suggested looking at a mass rapid transit solution that is not encumbered by vehicles in front of them or by cross roads. These solutions could be extended further north up the I-5 corridor perhaps to Olympia and something circular to benefit Oregon going through Gresham and Troutdale to get traffic off I-84 as well. Mr. McDevitt encouraged this direction and to keep the conversation open.


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Sally and I are appalled by the November Election Results!

Though we believe the results are in the hands of the Electors, We believe we must take action NOW!

I am running again for US House of Representatives WA-03 and have already filed with the FEC!

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