Where’s Jaime?

This week, it appears there will be no Congressional Town Hall in WA-03!

To replace our representative in WA-03 (Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Klickitat, Skamania, Wahkiakum, Pacific and Thurston counties in Washington State)… We need to work hard… and smart…

We are doing just that! We’re holding coffees and town halls of our own! We’re listening to the citizens! And we are attending events to live stream content so citizens can stay informed.

We need to work closely together, and the campaign must ask for your involvement… At this point, it is a small request.

In 2016 there were approximately 421,000 registered voters in WA-03; By 2018 there will be roughly 445,000 registered voters. 30% were progressives and democrats. That’s about 134,000 people…

I’m giving my ALL – a full time commitment – to raise serious $$$ by enlisting 6000 or more people (out of ~134,000 registered democrats in the 3rd CD) to contribute $5, $10, $20 per month between now and November 2018. We have to be a team to get this done!

Want to help? tinyurl.com/DonateMcDevitt


Donate By Credit/Debit card

Transportation Issues


I’ve been attending both the JPACT and RTC meetings for some time now.
They are the two metropolitan planning organizations for our one metropolitan planning area.
Their priorities are really different, as you may imagine.
Add to that the BIG funding questions, Funding From OR, WA, and FED.
Mark Brown, a transportation consultant, gave a WA legislative report and said there is NO NEW MONEY.
I believe we need a congressionally authorized joint powers authority (JPA) between OR and WA, with equal representation from both States; Federal funding for joint projects should be managed by this JPA and ensure the projects get done. There is precedence: NY & NJ in 1921! Imagine that!
Light rail as implemented by MAXX has capacity issues; We can discuss that. It may be more productive to be looking at other similar alternatives with significantly higher capacity and incorporate a vision for the region including Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Gresham, and Troutdale, maybe more. It would also be interesting to look at the longer horizon, considering the anticipated growth over the next 20-30 years. The engineers will have their work cut out for themselves. AND it will mean JOBS for the entire region for years to come.
I agree with you wholeheartedly! We need to get people to voluntarily use faster public transportation options to reduce the gridlock.


If I am elected to congress, I will pursue authorizing Washington and Oregon to establish a joint powers authority so we can take more proactive steps in getting our Transportation and Infrastructure needs met!

For my part, I will cover all my own personal expenses! AND, We are asking you to make a recurring monthly contribution of $5, $10, or $20 each month thru November 2018! Monthly, a $5 contribution is equivalent to a LATTE, $10 to a LUNCH, and $20 to a DINNER with a glass of wine!

Can you help? tinyurl.com/jzqm5s5


In the 3rd Congressional District, it’s NEVER TOO EARLY!!!

Collectively, WE need to build a WAR CHEST to FIGHT the GOP in 2018!

It is not going to be easy, but we are capable!



I WILL FIGHT to Protect Health care, Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid!

I WILL FIGHT to Protect Agencies that Protect all of us!

AND We all need to participate in that FIGHT! Here’s what you can do:

YOU can contribute $5, $10, $20 EVERY MONTH thru 2018… it’s like ONE Latte, Lunch, or Dinner once a month… YOU can encourage others to JOIN the contribution team… YOU can spread the word… and you can prepare to be STRONG and FIGHT the GOP with me!!!


OPEN Offer to Meet for Coffee

This is an OPEN OFFER to meet any group in the 3rd Congressional District for coffee!

I will travel to you! Anywhere in the district!

Klickitat, Skamania, Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Thurston, Wahkiakum, Pacific Counties!!!

You need to organize the people and the place! I’ll do the travel!!!

Let’s come up with some dates or times! Once we have a plan, I’m happy to commit!!!

Contact us at info@mcdevittforcongress.com … Thank YOU!!!


David McDevitt is running against Jaime Herrera because she represents a small group of extreme tea partiers in Southwest Washington (SWWA), but not the 99% of our citizens.

During the campaign, David has committed to covering his personal costs, gas, auto, hotel and to use campaign funds exclusively to further the interests of the citizens.

First, he is committed to protecting SWWA, and more, from 45’s bad policies; Second, to protect health care, social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Third, to reducing protectionist policies granting HUGE profits to special interests at the expense of the 99%.

IT’s TIME FOR YOU TO STEP UP TOO!!! We are encouraging YOU to contribute $5, $10, $20 EVERY MONTH thru 2018… it’s like ONE Latte, Lunch, or Dinner once a month… Encouraging others to JOIN THE TEAM… Spreading the word… and to be STRONG and FIGHT the GOP!!! You can help here tinyurl.com/jzqm5s5

Gerrymandering of WA-03?

The gerrymandering has been done… I’m reading a book titled “RatF**ked” by David Daley that talks about what the GOP has done… It’s likely they feel safe…

BUT, I believe there is a strong likelihood of backlash for some of the actions the GOP is taking, especially with regard to health care, social security, medicare, and Medicaid… And, there are other really important issues too…

I already stand up to Herrera, though I always engage cordially; I am quite comfortable calling her out for votes that do not represent the people of SWWA and will continue to do so.

That said, She is vicious and ran a very negative ad campaign against Moeller on TV – she raises easily $1.5-2M each cycle. It’s unlikely she could run a negative campaign against me because I don’t have the public history that Moeller has! Of course, I would anticipate her alternative facts… ergo LIES!!! WE HAVE TO DO THE SAME IN TERMS OF RAISING THE FUNDS!

My plan calls for 5-6000 or more donors at 5$, $10, $20 EVERY MONTH thru 2018. We can do this and raise as much or more, so we can run TV ads too!

Imagine, she has already voted to repeal the health care law with no replacement in site… and the HSA and Return to State run High Risk Pools are NOT replacements but obscene tax benefits for the well off…


House Democrats target Herrera Beutler’s seat for midterm elections

This article was posted on TDN on February 2nd, 2017

House Democrats target Herrera Beutler’s seat for midterm elections
Hayat Norimine hnorimine@tdn.com

House Democrats say they have raised a record amount in January and are using their momentum to target Republican seats in the 2018 midterm elections. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s seat is one of them.

But it could prove a difficult race in Southwest Washington. Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, was elected House representative for the 3rd Congressional District in 2010 and has been re-elected three times. She won 61.8 percent of the votes in the November general election — the highest percentage yet during her time in Congress — against state Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee added 635,000 supporters and raised about $3.2 million from supporters in January alone, according to the press release. According to the DCCC, since 1900 there are only three incidents of the president’s party gaining seats in the first midterm election, a fact that may bode well for the Democrats in 2018.

But Herrera Beutler said she has served the interests of Southwest Washington and believes she will win the midterm election. So far no Democrat has announced he or she will challenge her.

“I’ve always believed that as long as I keep working hard and putting the people of Southwest Washington first, the elections will take care of themselves,” Herrera Beutler wrote in an email. “Last year I was re-elected by my largest vote margin ever, and I could not be more grateful to this region for putting its faith in me.”

Dan Sena, DCCC executive director, said Republican incumbents across the country are “damaged” after the 2016 election and that the Trump administration is pushing “a wildly unpopular agenda.” According to a Gallup poll updated daily, a majority of Americans disapproved of President Donald Trump in a record-breaking eight days after he took office.

The DCCC included a list of about 60 Republican representatives as “targets” across the country, including Herrera Beutler and Congressman David Reichert of the Washington’s 8th District, which covers eastern Pierce and King County in the Puget Sound region.

The committee said it would first target 33 seats that House Republicans hold where presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won or narrowly lost. A 3rd District vote count was not immediately available Thursday, but Clinton narrowly beat Trump in Clark County, which by far has the most voters in the 3rd District. Trump comfortably won Cowlitz County, the district’s second-largest county. Though it once was reliably Democratic, the 3rd has swung to the right and now tends to vote Republican.

“I find colleagues on both sides of the aisle who are willing to put bickering aside and solve problems for people,” she wrote.

But when asked if there are any issues Herrera Beutler would go against her Republican colleagues on, she said she’s “not an automatic ‘yes’ for anyone’s agenda.”

“My focus is on Southwest Washington, and I’m fighting to ensure Washingtonians and all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care regardless of party or position,” she said.

Contact Daily News reporter Hayat Norimine at 360-577-7828

House Democrats target Herrera Beutler’s seat for midterm elections
House Democrats say they have raised a record amount in January and are using their momentum to target Republican seats in the 2018 midterm elections. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s seat

Speech at 18th LD on February 1st

I gave a brief speech at the 18th LD Meeting in Camas on February 1st.

Do you want to replace Jaime Herrera Beutler? We have to FIGHT BACK, and we can do that much better when we are together!

For my part, I AM STRONG, I AM FIGHTING BACK!!! I will cover all my own personal expenses!
In late December I experienced a mild heart attack and early January a triple-bypass open heart surgery.

First, we need to fight bad policy being proposed by TRUMP; And we need to fight for health care, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. That’s just a start.

Together, WE NEED TO BE STRONG and WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK; You can help: We are asking you to make a recurring monthly contribution of $5, $10, or $20 each month thru November 2018! Monthly, a $5 contribution is equivalent to a LATTE, $10 to a LUNCH, and $20 to a DINNER with a glass of wine! Let’s change Congress and take our Democracy back!!! Your contributions will be used for all other campaign expenses!

Sign up to help here: tinyurl.com/jzqm5s5

PLEASE COPY and PASTE this message to spread the word! SHARING limits exposure to only mutual friends… We need to broaden the reach!!! MANY THANKS!!!