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UPDATED 3rd Congressionall District Election Statistics

The incumbent garnered 56.1% in 2010 (adjusted for district change), 60.4% in 2012, 61.5% in 2014, and 61.8% in 2016…
There were 358629 people registered in 2010 (adjusted), 389550 in 2012, 394536 in 2014, and 420886 in 2016…
Of those, 241405 voted in 2010, 293884 in 2012, 202818 in 2014, and 313277 in 2016…
Percent Turnout was 67.31% in 2010, 75.44% in 2012, 51.41% in 2014, and 74.43% in 2016.
For 2010, JHB raised $1.557M; 2012 $1.658M; 2014 $1.744M, and as of 11/28 for 2016 $1.397M.

From the November Meeting Minutes of the Regional TransportationCommission

David McDevitt of Vancouver said he strongly advocates between Oregon and Washington a joint powers authority. He said he supports the efforts of Mr. Barnes and Mr. Schaefer, saying
we need the labor and jobs here, but we also need to consider the fact that our transportation needs are significantly greater than just the I-5 Bridge. He said rebuilding the bridge will only put the funnel further south into Oregon; the issue is the number of vehicles on the road. Mr. McDevitt said they need to consider solutions that can encourage people to leave their vehicles in Clark County and consider some of the needs in Oregon particularly in Troutdale and Gresham. He suggested looking at a mass rapid transit solution that is not encumbered by vehicles in front of them or by cross roads. These solutions could be extended further north up the I-5 corridor perhaps to Olympia and something circular to benefit Oregon going through Gresham and Troutdale to get traffic off I-84 as well. Mr. McDevitt encouraged this direction and to keep the conversation open.

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Sally and I are appalled by the November Election Results!

Though we believe the results are in the hands of the Electors, We believe we must take action NOW!

I am running again for US House of Representatives WA-03 and have already filed with the FEC!

We are starting early with our fundraising efforts! To win in SWWA, we are targeting $1.5 Million!

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As an Attorney, I’m a Progressive Democrat because I believe that fairness and justice are more important than profits and greed.


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Breaking News!

Hi all!

Sally and I have breaking news! David has filed to run for US House of Representatives / US Congress in 2018. After this last election cycle and it’s devastating results, we are compelled to start NOW!!!!

We are immediately beginning the fundraising effort and are asking that you consider contributing $10 (or more) per month through November 2018. It’s equivalent to a couple of latte’s per month, so manageable.

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